Cake person of mumbling
Picture book of Kato Shinji
Tutu of the picture book _ admiration
A lot of picture book _ pockets
Picture book _ dirt cowl
It is you that these tears are turned off.
The earth of the arctic ice which spent global warming niyorisoratobeaga melted and has got separated from mother. I go on a trip to bear soratobeaha sorrow, and to look for mother.
It is each person's small one step that tears of this sorrow are turned off.
I save electricity diligently and use the eco-background and…
I think that there is a living not to put a burden on the earth by enduring that some us become convenient.
In hope of soshitesoratobeaga being able to meet mother again…
"sorabea" plays an active part as a symbol character of the NPO corporation "sorabea foundation" performing the spread enlightenment and an environmental education of the renewable energy.